Car Accident



Every day you use your vehicle to drive to work, to school, to the grocery store, to your children’s soccer practice… Each and every day you put yourself at risk of being in a car accident. Everyone thinks it will not happen to them, but then the unthinkable does happen. Some people our lucky and the car wreck is a small fender bender, but others are not as lucky and have a car wreck ending in serious injury or even death. Sometimes you are alone in the vehicle when the accident occurs, but other times there may be children, family members, or friends accompanying you on your everyday drive.


After the accident, you may be suffering from injuries immediately or the pains might not arise until a few days after. Either way, you are not in the same condition you were in before the accident. Now you are in pain and suffering from an accident that was not your fault; you know the medical bills are going to be expensive. While you are suffering and trying to figure out the procedure to follow in getting your life back to normal, you receive phone calls from the insurance company of the person who hit you. They are quick to contact you and quick to offer you a solution. They nicely offer to pay for all your medical expenses provided from a medical provider of their choosing and they even give you a little extra money for your suffering. With this offer, how can you not refuse; you are not out any money from your pocket and you will be put back to normal. Everything is now ok.


Now that you have your medical bills taken care of, you are still without a vehicle. Even though a car accident happened, life does not wait on you, and it sure does not wait until your vehicle is fixed. Now the insurance company nicely offers you a rental car from a place of their choosing and provides you with auto repairs on your vehicle from a place of their choosing. Everything is now ok.


Real Life

Everything is NOT ok! After suffering injuries, you realize what real life is about: you cannot work and are losing wages, you have to go through months of medical services to get your body feeling good again, you are in constant pain from doing daily activities, you cannot fully function with your children, you have to miss more work to go to medical appointments, you cannot focus on schoolwork… Now the offer you accepted from the insurance company for your medical bills and suffering is not looking so hot; the little extra money given to you on top of your medical expenses does not get close to covering the extra pain and suffering you have to go through.


Everything is NOT ok! Your vehicle is being repaired, but it will now have an accident report always on the vehicle summary. If you choose to sell it one day, you will not be able to get the money that it would be worth without a car accident. If the car was totaled, the insurance company is only going to pay you the market value of the vehicle before the accident. If the vehicle has custom and aftermarket parts on it, you better hope your personal car insurance company covers the vehicle because the other person’s insurance company will not cover the full additional cost of the custom and aftermarket parts. When it comes to property damage from a car accident, Texas is not favorable to the injured for long term consequences to your vehicle. You will not be put back in the same position you were before the accident. This is a reality that is unfavorable, but a reality that cannot be changed.


Everything is OK!

Contact The Kiechler Law Firm immediately if you are in a car accident. We can help try and make everything ok as much as the situation allows. The insurance companies are not going to work well with individuals, but they will take you serious if you have The Kiechler Law Firm on your side. We will fight hard to get you compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and the additional compensation for all of your pain and suffering.


Car accidents require quick action. After the collision happens, a quick and immediate investigation of the accident is crucial to determine who is at fault and to preserve any evidence that is needed for a lawsuit. Without this quick action, evidence could be lost that is beneficial to getting you the right settlement.


We can help set you up with medical providers who are friendly to car accident victims. We can help set you up with car rental companies that are the best in the business. We can help you with your insurance company and the insurance company of the person who hit you.


Before you obtain the police report, give a recorded statement, talk with your own insurance company, try and get your vehicle fixed on your own, try and find a medical provider, get a rental vehicle, setup a PIP claim…Contact The Kiechler Law Firm so we can provide you the honest, trustworthy, high-quality service you should expect from a law firm.



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