The Firm


I believe that every lawyer should be honest, trustworthy, and fair. I have heard countless stories of individuals paying excessive amounts of money for legal services from an attorney who did not provide the level of services that the client would have expected. No attorney can guarantee an outcome of a case, but I believe an attorney should guarantee that he or she will work hard, fight for a client’s rights, provide a high level of customer service, and charge a fair fee. An attorney’s job is to defend their client’s position, not to make things go away; attorneys hope and work to have their client’s problems go away, but this can never be guaranteed.

In today’s society and with the current economy, everyone seems to be out for him or herself. Sadly, this attitude is even found among lawyers. Many attorneys continue adding to the bad stereotype of lawyers. Not all attorneys are untrustworthy, but I can guarantee you that The Kiechler Law Firm will always be the law firm you can trust. If you have had a negative experience with an attorney, my firm will positively change your outlook on how a lawyer should be. If you have not had an attorney before, The Kiechler Law Firm will set the precedent for your expectations; this precedent will be hard to forget.

My practice is based on the fact that we put ourselves in the client’s shoes. If we had a criminal charge filed against us, divorce with children involved, auto accident, landlord-tenant dispute, or a contract dispute, we would want an attorney to fight for us as if they were in our shoes. Why settle for anything less? Additionally, if we were in our client’s shoes, we would not want to spend an arm and leg on an attorney. Legal fees and costs are a hard burden on anyone’s finances. The Kiechler Law Firm will put the same passion and dedication into a case as a client would if the client were the attorney…with the added benefit of the client knowing that he or she will be charged a fair and reasonable amount.

I believe in efficiency for both my client and myself. My firm will not make a lawsuit last any longer than necessary to increase attorney fees. My firm will not advise our clients that trial is the best approach just to increase attorney fees. I believe in transacting business as quickly and economically as possible with the most favorable outcome. Cases can be drawn out for long periods of time, but sometimes this drawn out period becomes detrimental to the client. Lawyers must follow the rules of professional conduct as adopted by the Supreme Court of Texas; these rules raise the standard for attorneys. These rules are merely a guideline for ethics. I believe in a higher standard for the ethics and morality of all employees and attorneys of my firm.

The firm has been setup with up-to-date technologies to assist both the client and attorney in handling cases. We use MyCase as our online law firm case management system. This system allows the client to access his or her individual case file, including notifications of billings, calendar events with attendance or non-attendance notifications, and other efficiency increasing systems. Additionally, we utilize Thomson Reuters Westlaw as our online legal research system. This system allows us to research clients’ cases with the most up-to-date cases, statutes, and regulations. Additionally, utilizing Westlaw’s Doc & Form Builder allows us to create legal pleadings and transaction documents for clients utilizing time saving techniques and continuously updated forms. All of these systems allow The Kiechler Law Firm to save clients’ money while still maintaining a high quality legal result.

What does all this mean for my clients? It means one thing and one thing only: hope that there is a law firm with attorneys that truly care for you and your future.

You have my word,

Justin Kiechler

The Lubbock Lawyer